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How Tech Talent Engine is shaping the North East tech scene

If your business is struggling to recruit employees with skills in creative digital, data and insights, IT operations and other technology-based disciplines, a new not-for-profit platform is here to help.

What is Tech Talent Engine?

Tech Talent Engine is an online careers hub for people in the North East seeking roles in the tech industry. The new platform helps employers find people with the skills and experience to fill a range of tech industry roles across six career disciplines:

  • Creative Digital
  • Data and Insights
  • Digital Communication
  • Technology Solutions
  • IT Operations
  • User Research and Relationships. 

How does it work?

Tech Talent Engine is open to employers from all sectors, education providers and people looking for jobs. Employers can advertise a range of roles and access a talent pool with skills that match each specific job.

A skills quiz, which asks key questions about the technology people are comfortable using and their experience to date, groups people into six career disciplines. Tech Talent Engine then streamlines the process of job searching by collating all the latest vacancies and learning materials in one place. 

What types of roles can be advertised?

Everything from entry-level positions to more senior roles.

Which employers can use Tech Talent Engine?

Any size business can advertise its roles through Tech Talent Engine. Organisations that currently use the platform include micro SMEs, start-ups, large international corporations, and public sector organisations.

Jill McKinney, Project Manager of Tech Talent Engine, said: “Tech Talent Engine is a unique project in the North East that is changing the tech industry for the better.  

“As it stands, there are so many issues that businesses are facing in terms of recruiting and retaining staff. Additionally, the candidate market is more competitive than ever.  

“Tech Talent Engine bridges the gap between what education delivers, what businesses of the future need and student attitudes towards viable career opportunities. 

“We are so excited about the future of the engine and, after seeing the positive response so far, we can’t wait for more people to get involved.”  

How can I find out more?

If you’re a North East business that wants to recruit new tech talent into your organisation, find out more about Tech Talent Engine here.

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