BREEZ - Business Renewables Energy Efficiency Sunderland

Sunderland City Council offers eligible SMEs a flexible approach to cutting their energy bills and their carbon emissions.

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This scheme is provided by Sunderland City Council

Sunderland City Council

    Through the BREEZ scheme, Sunderland City Council offers eligible local businesses and community organisations a flexible approach to cutting their energy bills and their carbon emissions. The project is funded by UK Government and Sunderland City Council and, subject to the ongoing availability of funding, runs from January 2024 until March 2025

    BREEZ grant-funded energy efficiency measures

    The primary objective of BREEZ is to upgrade old, inefficient lighting and heating systems and to insulate the walls and roofs of business premises.  Where appropriate BREEZ can also support the installation of micro-generation upgrades such as solar panels and battery storage.  

    BREEZ grant limits

    • The minimum 50% BREEZ grant is £500
    • The maximum 50% BREEZ grant for a single, cost-effective energy-efficiency upgrade is £7,500
    • The maximum BREEZ grant for two or more cost-effective energy-efficiency upgrades, including potentially micro-generation is £10,000 

    If the energy cost-savings generated by the energy-efficiency improvements are estimated to return the upfront cost of investment in under seven years, then the project is considered to be cost-effective. BREEZ-funded energy-efficiency upgrades should range from less than one year up to seven years.

    BREEZ eligibility

    To qualify for BREEZ your organisation must be a Sunderland-based business or charity or community organisation, with existing operations in the city or planning to locate new operations in the city.

    To formally register your interest in BREEZ please fully complete the online Expression of Interest (EOI) form here

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