Hartree Centre - Collaborative Data Projects

These collaborative data projects are up to 12 weeks in duration and give you access to a fully-funded, wide range of expertise across a team of data scientists and data engineers.

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    This scheme is provided by UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council

    UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council

      Applications are now open until Tuesday 30 July and you can apply here.

      These collaborative data projects are up to 12 weeks in duration and give you access to a wide range of expertise across our team of data scientists and data engineers. The Hartree Centre will work alongside your team to scope your data science or engineering project, build a prototype solution, and explore options to deploy it within your organisation. These can include models, reports, and dashboards. Data engineering solutions can include data warehouses, data pipelines, and data applications.

      Working and Learning Together
      Collaboration is key. The Hartree Centre will connect with your team, whether it's virtual or in person, to work closely on your project. Upskilling is valued so any opportunities for learning will be taken advantage of through tailored tutorials based on your project's needs.

      Business understanding
      Projects begin with business understanding and project scoping. After identifying a clear business goal, together we will build specific objectives around it and outline a data-driven solution. This will come together in a project charter for you to share with stakeholders.

      Data understanding
      The team will dive into your data, exploring its structure, patterns, trends and cleaning up messy data where required. Then reshape it to fit your project's data solution. If your project is more focussed on data collection, here they can identify an appropriate structure for collecting your data.

      Next, it's time to start building your data solution. This phase involves creating prototypes, seeking feedback, and making improvements. For models, accuracy measures are used; for reports or dashboards, user feedback is relied on.

      ‍The team assist in integrating the prototype with your existing systems, where maintenance and monitoring are priorities. They can provide cloud computing expertise or, if needed, explore local or on-premise solutions.

      Stakeholders are informed throughout the project with key updates and learnings. Review sessions at key milestones highlight successes and gather feedback, which can allow them to adapt the approach as needed.

      Case Study
      After project completion, Hartree create a report summarising achievements and insights. Your input is welcome, and once approved, the report goes public on the Hartree Centre website. This is the chance to share your progress with the world.

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