Local Automotive Business Support - Sunderland (LABS-S)

Local Automotive Business Support - Sunderland (LABS-S) is a tailored package of support for Sunderland businesses wanting to grow and thrive within the automotive sector.

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This scheme is provided by North East Automotive Alliance

North East Automotive Alliance

    The LABS-S project is delivered by the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA), who have a proven track record in delivering business support programmes to the automotive sector, and is open to Sunderland based businesses operating the in the automotive industry and associated supply chain. 

    The support has been designed to facilitate the collective needs of the automotive supply chain and support some of the key deliverables of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to stimulate economic development in Sunderland.

    What are the opportunities?

    LABS-S is delivered by an experienced team of industry specialists who can provide the tools and specialist support to access sector knowledge, best practice and new opportunities within an evolving and growing sector.

    Whether you are already in the automotive supply chain, or looking to diversify, the LABS-S project will provide a package of support to navigate industry transitions such as new vehicle technology, industrial digitalisation, automation, future skills and localisation, to accelerate business growth and ensure the region remains globally competitive.

    Support includes:

    Facilitating the collective needs of the automotive supply chain:

    • Access to Industry Specialists - Industry insight and sector knowledge on regional, national and international automotive supply chains
    • One-to-One Business Support - Tailored support and guidance, in addition to industry-led training and workshops
    • Capability Improvement and Best Practice - Sharing best practice, solving common problems and driving innovation to support business improvement goals
    • Networking and Events - Industry-specific events to facilitate sector networking, collaboration and supply chain opportunities
    • Grant Support - Grant funding to support a new process or technology adoption

    Get in touch with the NEAA team to discuss your tailored package of support.

    Talk to one of our team who will help you connect to the support you need to grow and develop your business.

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